About Us

MockiWiki is world’s largest online mock test platform which provides different institutions a place to conduct mock test for different competitive examinations.

What students get?

Through this platform, students get exam hall experience. MockiWiki helps students start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure, and act as a guide.

Students do not need to search here and there for the official mock tests of the platforms they prefer. We collaborate with different institutions and offer them to come on our platform to launch their tests. Tests are conducted in a secure and unbiased manner.

Testing oneself is an effective way to improve one’s knowledge and ability to recall information. Students who did a practice test after a period of revision did better in the final exam than those students who didn’t do the mock exam and had just spent the whole time revising.

In place of seeing an exam as a potentially threatening event or as some sort of judgement on their ability, it would be great if we could help students to see their mock exams as a handy way of improvising their knowledge and memory.

Also, if mock examinees have a particularly bad mock exam, better to have the shock in the mock, than in the final exam. It can act as a clarion call to action that perhaps they need to do more work, change revision methods and develop skills required to perform under pressure.

Students have following facilities

1. Students can check their result just after finishing the exam.

2. Tests are auto-saved. You can leave the test if a student has some urgent work and come again to complete the test.

3. Students can compare their performance with top 10 scorers in a very detailed way.

4. Students can go through subject-wise report for a particular examination. Graphic representation is also included.

5. Students can check out all answers in a detailed way after completing the exam.

6. & Many more.